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About us

- To educate modern people on history because the past events are like a compass and a rudder for a vessel's safe and smooth navigation.

- To use arts and heritage that have long been colleted and unceasingly high in value as evidences of the spiritual development in Eastern societies where religions serve as a tool to sustain world peace.

- To introduce to the world Asian traditions and cultures which also are used to instruct those who have been lost in scientific prosper which causes them to be materialism and worldly-minded.

- To make knoen the founder's wish to make the Erawan Museum the heritage of humankind that will eternally remain.

   Since ancient times, the ancient kingdom of Siam and its culture have constantly grown more prosperous. Through our wisdom and insight, it would be everlastingly meaningful for our present and future if we could keep this cultural splendor last forever.

   The question is why such precious culture has been undermined?

   Is it because of people's oblivion of their national culture or possibly other hidden factors?

   Thinking it over and over again, it is obvious that Thai cultural prosper has gradually been wilting away because its essence has never been widely and completely acknowledged among people through accessible tools which are in harmony with modernity.

   With rare opportunities to learn about their long-inherited culture, how can people's cultural appreciation and recognition be attained?

   Inspired by this realization, some actions must be taken right away!

   With this in mind, it is our mission to exert all of our attempts to the cultural sustainable development.

   Also, we are obliged to continue our mission determinedly and confidently no matter how variedly the cultural scope; Philosophy, Beliefs, Literature, Arts, History, Persons, Ways of Living etc., would expand.

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