Erawan Museam



- No loud noise.
- Do not touch or write anything on the building.
- Do not pick flowers and plants.
- Do not climb the sculptutes and the construction.
- Keep the place clean.
- Do not play in the ponds, canals and fountains.
- No guns and explosive objicts are allowed in the museum's area.
- No fireworks and campfire are allowed.
- No pets are allowed.
- No smoking in the building.
- No photographing the antiques.
- No photographing objects of any kinds for commercial purposes without permission.

* Any question please ask our staff at the ticket counter or

call +66 2 323 4094-9 for more information before travelling. Thank you.

Taking photos or video for commercial purposes, including for
 stock images, commercial products and other purposes,
  is prohibited without prior authorization from    
Central Administration Department of the Erawan Museum.

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