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The Suvarnabhumi level showcases the porcelain ware in Siamese Kingdom; which represents the civilization of Suvarnabhumi or Southeast Asia. As many pottery pieces are rare and priceless objects of Khun Lek Viriyahbhun’s collection. This level houses many earthenware and ceramics. Some are Suvarnabhumi local pottery.  Sangkhalok Ware, for example, was made from the kilns in Sukhothai-Sri Satchanalai site. Lopburi potteries are unique, reflecting the influence of ancient Khmer civilization originated from an ancient site of Lavo-Lopburi in Korat Plateau. The pottery also reflects how Thai craftsmen integrated foreign art and technology and applied it to local product. Take glazing solution as an example: Thais adopted certain techniques and methodology of its production and application from China and they produced and used it in their pottery production process since the period of Sangkhalok in the ancient Lavo-Lopburi era, until the period of Benjarong in Ayutthaya era.

Imported pottery includes the Benjarong or glazed pottery painted in five or more colors. Benjarong wares exhibited at this level are the exquisite art pieces especially produced solely for the elite from the Ayutthaya period. Thai craftsmen designed the shape and decorative patterns and sent the sketch for production in China. This imported pottery was later crafted locally in many styles in Rattanakosin or the current period. This level also exhibits other significant antique objects.  Some are Southeast Asian art pieces, such as the statue of Hindu gods in ancient Khmer style of art, furniture of Siamese upper class people, made by ancient craftsmen in the early Rattanakosin Period. 

Included at this level are two models of relative museums: At the entrance of this level, there are models of two relative museums. Firstly, the largest Siamese private outdoor museum, Muang Boran, is located on Bangpoo of Samutprakarn Province. Through the reconstruction from real site, the creation base on historical evidence, and the creative design building; the true Thai heritages in 320 acres open for discovering the gem piece of Siamese art & ancient site, and the way of localization.

Then, the valuable wooden art piece by Khun Lek Viriyahbhun at Pattaya or the sanctuary of truth is established to inspirit human mind through art and architecture of Eastern religion and philosophy.

Muang Boran and Sanctuary of truth is waiting for the traveler to explore more on the beautiful and gorgeous of Siamese civilization.

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